Capital Development Authority
Sunday, February 01, 2015
Capital Development Authority
Capital Development Authority
Islamabad The Beautiful

Islamabad is beautiful. It is a region-wide symbol of progress, innovation and architectural marvel.

Settlement in Islamabad, the new capital after Karachi, began in the 1960s. As the city was newly founded, the growth of the population was slow. Being the seat of the Government of Pakistan, initially government servants and employees of the federal administration settled here. Since then, there has been a steady growth in the population of the city, which has swelled to somewhere in excess of a million inhabitants. The reason: at the moment, the capital city is the fastest growing urban settlement in the country. There is an increased interest in the city from The President and The Prime Minister, as well as a renewed drive from foreign investors to invest in the city. This has caused a growth in the economy, produced employment at all levels and ensured development. Owing to all these factors, Islamabad is now becoming a lively and bustling metropolis, full of vibrancy.| Read more

Islamabad is having all types of hotel accommodations.

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Pakistani cuisines are famous for its taste and color.

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The whole government setup is in Islamabad.

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Being a capital of Pakistan, all the foreign missions and embassies are in Islamabad.

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Students of 10th PPG course visited CDA Headquarters

Islamabad January 27, 2015 Capital Development Authority (CDA) has revived the development work on stalled residential sectors which remained ignored for many years and is also planning to launch new residential sectors to cater the growing housing needs in the Federal Capital.

Member Administration and Estate, Amer Ali Ahmed said this addressing to the under training officers of 10th Public Policy and Governance Course, who visited CDA Headquarters here on Tuesday.

Member Administration and Estate Amer Ali Ahmed while briefing about the areas and scope of responsibilities of CDA said that the development of the Federal capital is among the prime responsibilities of the Authority and CDA is committed to provide basic amenities of life to residents of Islamabad as well as development on modern lines and to make it more beautiful city. CDA is utilizing its all available resources for this purpose. He said that from last year CDA started development work on those sectors which remained ignored during the previous regimes. He said that ignorance to these sectors not only caused the shortage in housing units but also a main cause of price hike in real estate.

He informed that under the leadership of Chairman CDA, Maroof Afzal, CDA has not only initiated the left over development work of sector D-12 but also started the development work on its unique Park Enclave housing scheme. The contract for development of Park Enclave Housing Scheme has been awarded and this project would be completed with the amount of Rs. 1.24 billion.  He further informed that for development of sector I-15, an advertisement for pre-qualification of firms have been floated in the press and development work would be started soon after the selection of firms. This sector was also launched for low income citizens but development work could not be started during the previous years.

Member Administration and Estate Amer Ali Ahmed further informed the delegation that construction work on Kashmir Highway project was also held up which has not only been completed in record time under reduced cost and the funds saved in this regard would be utilized for construction of under passes and over head bridges on Kashmir Highway. Moreover, plantation of olive trees and fascinating landscaping are also being carried out along the Kashmir Highway. He further said that construction of first ever Citizens Facilitation Centre in Islamabad has been started where residents of the Islamabad will be provided all public service facilities under one roof.

Member Administration and Estate, Amer Ali Ahmed said that to address the long standing issue of parking places in Islamabad, CDA administration has planned to construct under ground parking plazas in different sectors  of Federal capital and in its first phase construction work on two under ground parking plazas in Markaz F-7 has been started.  He informed that on the directions of Chairman CDA, Maroof Afzal, effective steps has been taken to ensure financial discipline in the Authority due to which remarkable reduction in non development expenditures has been noted and in order to increase the revenue sources new corridors are also being explored. Due to these steps CDA is heading towards financial stability as compared to previous years, he added.

He further informed the participants of the delegation that in order to provide more housing facilities and flourish business activities in Islamabad, CDA also hold auction of the plots which help provide

the opportunity to desirous of living and establishing their business in Islamabad. Amer Ali Ahmed, informed the participants that CDA is also planning to launch important and mega projects which would be launched soon after assessing the expenditures and completion of other codel formalities.

On this occasion Director Estate Management, Muhammad Ali gave a detailed presentation to the participants about Estate Wing of CDA.

Delegation showed keen interest in the briefing and asked questions about authority’s hierarchy and different development projects. | Read more

Wednesday, January 07, 2015
CDA nursery to enhance its production capacity to meet the requirements: Chairman CDA

Thursday, January 22, 2015
CDADWP approves 6 Development projects in Islamabad

Tuesday, January 06, 2015
Enforcement Operation in sector F-12, G-12, G-7-3, E-7

Wednesday, January 14, 2015
Enforcement Directorate operation in sector I-11, H-9 and I-9

Friday, January 16, 2015
Sanitation Directorate starts door to door mechanical collection of house hold waste and litter
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Being a capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad offers a unique geographic position to investors which offer more returns on their investment. Islamabad invites expression of interest from local and international organizaions/Consortia for the following projects. For more details  

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